Masterpiece of electric violins

  • Classic violin strings, body, chin & sholder rest
  • Specially developed sound pickup delivering a perfect violin sound
  • Finely solded electronics
  • Selected quality wood
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Maple body, neck and bridge
  • Spruce top plate
  • Varnished with shellac
  • Handcrafted
  • C-Violin scroll design
  • Hybrid acoustic and electronic
electric violins and amplifier
electric violins five strings semiacoustic fine wood with amplifier in the workshop

The 5th string

The C-Violin is available with a 5th string. This makes it possible to play the C-Violin as viola.


  • This is heart of the C-violin made from special maple wood
  • Specially  designed wooden two-part bridge for the optimal sound pick up from the piezo
electric violin pickup
first semiacoustic electric violin pickup
electro acoustic violin pickup
semiacoustic violin bridge with piezo transducer pickup

Sound pick up, amplifier and signal C-Violin electronics

  • Is the piezoceramic pressure sensor, preamplifier, 9V battery and sound volume regulator
  • The piezoceramic pressure sensor picks up the signal
  • The signal is amplified with a preamp, located in the back of the violin body
  • Connection is a 1/4'' Jack


  • Finest shellack made from natural  and vegetarian oils and spirits
  • Herbal coloring agents give the desired surface color
  • Extremely thin applied
  • This varnish protects the instrument from dust and  let the structure of the wood shine through


  • Four or Five strings:  g  d´ a´ e"
  • The 5 string violin additionally has the c string 
  • Classic violin strings are used


  • Careful selected best suited wood for a high quality premium classic violin


  • Resonating top plate similar to the classic violin
  • Side openings instead of the classic F-openings
  • Feedback absorbing body design

Sounding board

  • The sounding board is made of special spruce wood
  • The bassbar bar and  sound post make the classic violin sound
  • C-openings instead of the F-openings  also reduce the sound feedbag when amplifying
  • Classical edge trimming  see video
electric violin carving
carving a violin top plate for semiacoustic electric violin