The C-Violin is a semi-acoustic electric violin handcrafted and it is made of fine wood and has a violin like, resonating top plate with bass bar and sound post,      a C-Violin pickup bridge with a well placed piezo transducer is part of this unique electro-acoustic violin concept by Luthier CJK.

  • The C-Violin is the most possible electro acoustic violin. Not only, that it is handcrafted and was innovated made by a Luthier, this Instrument is made of classic violin wood and varnish.
  • A resonating top plate carved out of the tone wood spruce and acts equal to a classic violin top plate. Inside its made with a bassbar and a soundpost, the C-Violin has instead of F-holes C-holse.
  • 5 strings work perfect for electric instruments, is the C-Violins case the 5th string is the lower c
  • Acoustically, the sound is just like a viola and violin with a discreet volume.
  • Electrically, the volume can be turned up very high, the amplified sound is perfect to work with effects and loops.